DOE Review of LARP, June 5-6, 2007, Fermilab

The U.S. LHC Accelerator Research Program (LARP) consists

of four US laboratories, BNL, FNAL, LBNL, and SLAC, who collaborate with CERN on the Large Hadron Collider in order to:

  • make more luminosity, earlier
  • collaborate in an interaction region upgrade, in order to make even more luminosty, later
  • use, develop, and preserve unique U.S. resources and capabilities.
    Mission Statement Organization Chart Collaboration members

    Tune Feedback Design Review, BNL, 4-5 April 2005
    Collaboration meeting, Port Jefferson, 6-8 April 2005

    Hot topic(s)
    On measurement of tunes, coupling, & detunings .. Feb 2004, J.Fartoukh et al., LHC-B-ES-0004 rev 2.0 [DOC]
    Calendar Feb 18, 2005
    Milestones June 30, 2004
    Task Sheets Feb 18, 2005
    Work Breakdown Structure Dec 1, 2004

    LARP Technical Notes
    1. Design of an Abort Gap Monitor for the Large Hadron Collider 2005, J.-F. Beche et al., [DOC]
    Collaboration Meetings
    1. Port Jefferson Sept 2003
    2. Fermilab Feb 2004
    3. Napa Valley Oct 2004
    4. Port Jefferson 6-8 April 2005
    Reviews & Meetings
    Instrumentation Collaboration Meeting May 2003 (Fermilab)
    DOE Review June 2003 (Germantown)
    Chamonix XIII Proceedings Jan 2004 (Chamonix)
    Phase II Collimator and APBC Meeting May 2004 (BNL)
    LAPAC Meeting June 2004 (Fermilab)
    US-CERN Committee Videoconference July 2004
    CARE "Beam Dynamics in Future Hadron Colliders .." Nov 2004 (CERN)
    Open Midplane Dipole Review Dec 2004 (BNL)
    Chamonix XIV - 2nd LHC Project Workshop Jan, 2005 (CERN)

    Presentations and Talks
    Status of the U.S. LHC Research Program Mar 2003, H. Neal, HEPAP meeting
    LHC Accelerator R&D and Upgrade Scenarios 2003, F. Ruggiero, LHC Symposium
    US LHC Accelerator Research Program 2003, J. Strait, LHC Symposium,
    Open Midplane Dipole Design for LHC IR Upgrade 2003, R.Gupta, MT-18.
    Report from Chamonix XIII Feb 2004, S.Peggs, BNL.
    US LARP High-Field Magnet R&D 2004, J. Strait, Archamps
    Set-up of a Simulation Code for the LHC Collimation SystemAug 2004, Guillaume R-D, BNL.
    Operational Procedures for Ramping the LHC Dec 2004, P.Collier, LHC MAC

    PAC 2001
  • Second Generation High Gradient Quadrupoles for the LHC IRs 2001, T. Sen, et al., PAC 2001
    EPAC 2002
  • Superconducting Magnets for a Super LHC 2002, T. Taylor, EPAC 2002
  • Beam Physics Issues for a Possible 2nd Generation LHC IR 2002, T. Sen et al., EPAC 2002
  • Large-Aperture Nb3Sn Quadrupoles for 2nd Generation LHC IRs 2002, A.V. Zlobin et al., EPAC 2002
  • Linear and Non-Linear Corrections in the RHIC IRs 2002, F. Pilat et al., EPAC 2002
    ASC 2002
  • Nb3Sn Quadrupole Magnets for the LHC IR 2002, G. Sabbi et al., ASC 2002
  • Next Generation IR Magnets for Hadron Colliders 2002, R. Gupta et al., ASC 2002
    PAC 2003
  • Beam-Beam Effects in RHIC 2003, W. Fischer et al., PAC 2003
  • Development of a Longitudinal Density Monitor 2003, M. Zolotorev et al., PAC 2003
  • Towards a New LHC IR Design for a Luminosity Upgrade 2003, J. Strait et al., PAC 2003
  • Energy Deposition Limits in a Dipole in Front of the LHC Inner Triplet 2003, N.V. Mokhov et al., PAC 2003
  • Aperture Limitations for 2nd Generation Nb3Sn LHC IR Quadrupoles 2003, A.V. Zlobin et al., PAC 2003
  • Experimental Studies of Beam-Beam Effects in the Tevatron 2003, X. Zhang et al., PAC 2003
  • Simulations of Octupole Compensation of Head-Tail Instability at the Tevatron 2003, M. Xiao et al., PAC 2003
  • Beam Losses at Injection Energy and During Acceleration in the Tevatron 2003, T. Sen et al., PAC 2003
  • Measurement of Sextupolar Resonance Driving Terms in RHIC 2003, W. Fischer et al., PAC 2003
    Particle tracking with MAD-X including LHC beam-beam interactions May 2004, LHC Project Note 344, W.Herr
    Warm-Cold Magnetic Field Correlation in the LHC Main Dipoles Oct 2003, LHC Project Note 326, L.Bottura et al
    EPAC 2004
  • Performance .. & IR Design of a .. Luminosity Upgrade based on NbTi .. 2004, F. Ruggiero et al., EPAC 2004
  • Review .. of Simulation Codes Modeling Electron-Cloud .. 2004, F. Zimmerman et al., EPAC 2004
    A parallel PIC model for BBI in high energy accelerators 2004, J.Qiang et al., J. Comp. Phys 198, Issue 1, p 278
    Can low energy electrons affect HEP accelerators? 2004, R.Cimono et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 93 014801
    Electron cloud build-up in hadron machines Aug 2004, M.A. Furman, LBNL-56109 & ICFA Newlsetter 33 Sec 2.9
    Recent Advances of Stong-Strong Beam-Beam Simulation July 2004, J.Qiang et al., 8th ICAP & LBNL-56360

    LHC Luminosity and Energy Upgrade: A Feasibility Study 2002, LHC Project Report 626
    The U.S. LHC Accelerator Research Program: A Proposal May 2003
    Enhanced Program Proposal (Draft) June 2003
    On measurement of tunes, coupling, & detunings .. Feb 2004, J.Fartoukh et al., LHC-B-ES-0004 rev 2.0 [DOC]
    Resources for Hardware Commissioning Nov 2004, S.Baird et al., LHC-PM-MR-0002
    LHC Design Report

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