Linear Collider R&D at Fermilab
Fermilab is a member of both the NLC and TESLA collaborations.
In 2000, the TESLA Collaboration presented the TDR to the German Government. Subsequently Fermilab led a group of US labs which analyzed the cost basis for the TDR.
In 2001, the NLC Collaboration began to concentrate on a proof of principle demonstration of the fundamental components needed for the rf circuit for the main linacs. Fermilab is making the rf structures for this test. Fermilab is leading the R&D on the girders which support the rf structures for the main linacs.
Fermilab does R&D on adjustable permanent magnets which can be used throughout a linear collider complex. Fermilab also provides expertise in civil engineering and beam physics.
Fermilab is one of the US centers for university driven linear collider R&D on accelerators.

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